Who is the lady of the books?

My name is Amanda but everyone calls me Mandi.  I am a mother, a wife, a teacher, and a reader.  These are the things that occupy my life.  I work hard at all of these aspects.  Reading is my passion, I love to read as much as I can whenever I can.  I read to my son, I read to my students and I read for myself.  Heck, I would even read to my dog if he let me.  I've even been known to read to my husband on occasion.  I am a member of a book club, The Angry Housewives Eating BonBons, that I started 3 years ago with friends and family.  We are currently on our 19th book, if my memory serves me correctly.  In this blog I hope to write the scribbles of a reading lady.  I am a busy working mom so the postings may not be as regular or as long as I would like but I will do my best to please my readers.  (That is of course if I have any).

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    Don't worry no one else can see this information only I can.  :)